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Ectoin, Powder

Ectoin, Powder

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Ectoin is a powerful, multifunctional active ingredient with outstanding, clinically proven skin calming and deep skin hydration efficacy. This natural single molecule provides excellent anti-aging and cell-protection benefits.

Ectoin natural repairs improve damaged, aged, stressed, and irritated skin, promoting skin barrier repair and long-term hydration. It shows comprehensive anti-pollution efficacy and blue light protection and supports a healthy skin microbiome – for a scientific approach to inefficient anti-aging and skin protection concepts. Suitable for all skin types.

Name: Ectoin
INCI: Ectoin
CAS# 96702-03-3

Formulation Guide:

1. Recommended Usage: 0.3-2%. 
2. No incompatibility with other cosmetic active ingredients
3. Can be added directly to aqueous phase (hot or cold) prior to emulsification
4. Stability: pH 1.0-9.0
5. All temperatures (no restrictions)
6. Excellent water solubility
7. Shelf life: 5 years



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