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Azelaic Acid, Powder Form

Azelaic Acid, Powder Form

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Azelaic Acid - Fine Powder, easier to dissolve

-- This is a cosmetic grade (not food grade) as all ingredients in our shop.

Azelaic Acid is also known as Hydroxyacetic Acid. It is in the alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) family, but it is a gentle one. It is skin-friendly with skin-calming benefits. It is great for acne-prone skin and skincare for rosacea skin type.

INCI: Azelaic Acid, 99.9%
Appearance: White to off-white crystal powder
Recommended usage: 5-10% with pH between 4.0-4.5
Solubility: It is soluble in ethoxydiglycol, propylene glycol, propanediol, and glycerin.

This ingredient should only be used by experienced formulators familiar with azeliaci acid's chemical properties.
-- Make sure to wear safety protective glasses or clothing when working with this ingredient.
-- Please use this ingredient responsibly. It is best to keep the pH between 4.0-4.5
--- Do not use it too close to your eyes.

*** Please be aware that when you use AHAs on the skin, you are exposing new skin, which is much more susceptible to UV damage. Always follow with adequate sun protection. Per FDA guidelines, "FDA Topically Applied Cosmetics Containing AHA's Labeling Requirements," all products should include the AHA warning below and suggestions to include or follow with sunscreen. You can find the warnings suggested by FDA on the FDA website.

This cosmetic raw material is meant for external use only in cosmetic formulations. As with all of our materials, it should not be taken internally.

Return Policy:

We provide a reasonable price for each ingredient sold in our shop for professional formulators and experienced DIYers. Our shop's ingredients are packed in a tightly controlled certified environment to avoid contamination. So beware, no returns are accepted after purchase to ensure the safety of ingredients sold in our shop.

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