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0.15% Copper Peptide Serum

0.15% Copper Peptide Serum

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Copper Tripeptide-1 in Double Hyaluronic Acid

1.0 fl. oz (30ml)

This serum has a simple but thoughtful combination of ingredients for the results.


Copper Tripeptide-1:
Without copper, collagen synthesis can not happen. Our skin starts to lose copper at age 40. By age 60, 40% of copper in the skin is lost. Supplement copper to the skin is essential. 

Short as GHK-Cu, the copper tripeptide molecule has two functional parts: the copper part, a critical cofactor in collagen synthesis, and the tripeptide-1 part, an essential peptide for skin repair and rejuvenation. It also promotes GAG synthesis to plump the skin. Those two parts work together far better than on their own. 

Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid:
The molecular weight in this formula is customized for our company only. At this molecular weight, hyaluronic acid works as an antiaging skincare agent by signaling skin repair to counteract skin aging and damage caused by environmental and internal factors, such as UV light, HEV, and other sources of oxidative stress.

As with all hyaluronic acids, LMW HA can provide skin moisture retention effectively, at this molecular weight, moisture retention lasts much longer and deeper in the skin to provide a great skin-plumping effect.  

It helps to balance the skin microbiome.

High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid
We all know hyaluronic acid can hold 1000 times water of its weight. It is a highly effective skin hydrator. High molecular weight hyaluronic acid can not be absorbed into the skin but works by sheltering the skin from water evaporating, protecting the skin from environmental insults, and creating a beneficial environment for the skin microbiome.


1. Balanced formula focusing on boosting skin collagen and hyaluronic acid production.
2. With a built-in skin penetration system for better results.
3. Freshly made to keep the skin benefits at its best.
4. Formulated and handled by professionals.


1. Improve all signs of aging by promoting collagen and GAG synthesis (including hyaluronic acid)
2. Tighten the skin and smooth the wrinkles.
3. Calm and Sooth the irritated skin

Suited for: All skin types

How to use: 

Apply 3-4 drops of this product evenly onto the skin twice daily.

Key Ingredients: 

Copper Tripeptide-1, Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, High molecular weight hyaluronic acid.

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