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10% Tranexamic Acid Serum

10% Tranexamic Acid Serum

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10% Tranexamic Acid

This formula is designed to help skin pigmentation concerns. Made to order; Start your business easily and fast with us. No minimum order.

10% Tranexamic acid in double hyaluronic acid (high molecular and low molecular weight) for better skin protection and penetration.  

Skin benefits: 

1. Skin Brightening
2. Fade the dark spots and patches
3. Fade HPI

Suited for:

All skin types.

Ingredient list:

Distilled water, Tranexamic Acid, Glycerin, Hyaluronic Acid (HMW, LMW), Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin.

How to use: 

Apply 2-3 drops of this product evenly onto the skin or to the dark spots twice daily. Stop using if any adverse skin reaction occurs. Do not use this product when pregnant, breastfeeding, or having health issues. Please consult healthcare professionals to find out if this product is suitable for you.

Important Note:

Skin-lightening products will be effective when used with sunscreen. Besides major skin aging factors, UV light and HEV are the strongest pigment promoters, and no skin-brightening products are strong enough to counteract their negative influences on the skin. 

For bulk orders: 

Make to order by a licensed and insured manufacturer.

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