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Polyglutamic Acid

Polyglutamic Acid

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Polyglutamic Acid


Polyglutamic Acid is a natural amino acid polymer. It is a super-hero ingredient in skin and hair hydration and moisturizing. It provides broad-spectrum skincare benefits simply by hydrating the skin very effectively. This can be very beneficial for stubborn dry, coarse, and flaky skin. 

Similar to hyaluronic acid and soluble collagen, γ-polyglutamic acid is an excellent hydrophilic humectant capable of forming a smooth, elastic film on the skin, thereby improving sensory perception, protecting the outer layers of the skin, and increasing the production of natural moisturizing factors. Studies have shown that cosmetic products containing γ-polyglutamic acid can provide energy to cells, stimulate lipid production, and strengthen the skin's supportive structure. In addition, it is non-toxic to the human body, which presents great potential for the creation of your own products for facial and body care. 

  • Moisturize skin
  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Reduce the effects of aging
  • Wound healing
  • Works synergistically with hyaluronic acid.

Skin hydration is the number one factor that influences normal skin metabolism. Without proper skin moisture content, no skincare ingredients will work. 


INCI: Polyglutamic Acid
Appearance: White loose powder/granule form, 
Odor: no specific odor
Solubility: Water Soluble
Purity: Minimum 99%
pH: Keep the pH between 5-7.0.


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