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INCI: Glyceryl oleate citrate, caprylic/capric triglyceride
Appearance: Light yellow to yellow liquid
Solubility: Water soluble
Application: Cold and hot emulsion
HLB: Around 13

PEG-free anionic o/w emulsifier, great for cold, hot/cold, and hot emulsification. Completely based on vegetable raw materials. Super mild and suited for all skin types, including Sensitive skin. It has a great emulsifying ability with both polar and non-polar oils. Stabilizes emulsions with low and high oil content. 

  • Easy-to-process emulsifier due to its liquid form and save time and labor cost.
  • Confers a rich texture and feel to the skin
  • Stabilizes emulsions with low and high oil content (10-40%)
  • Suited for lotions, moisturizers, and even sprayable lotions
  • It can also work as a co-emulsifier for PEG-free formulations
Formulation Guide:
1. Add to the oil phase.
2. Recommended Rate: 2-4% for o/w emulsions.
3. Suited for the range 4.0-9.0
4. Sediment upon standing; revert with gentle warming (at 40°C/104°F), shaking, or stirring. 


NO Return Policy:
We provide a reasonable price for each ingredient sold in our shop for professional formulators and experienced DIYers. All the ingredients sold in our shop are packed in a tightly controlled environment to avoid contamination. So beware, we do not accept returns after purchase to ensure the safety of ingredients sold in our shop. Make sure you know how to use it before placing the order.

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