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Silica Gel, Oil Gelling Agent, Exfoliator

Silica Gel, Oil Gelling Agent, Exfoliator

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Silica Gel

INCI: Silica

You will love this ingredient if you are into all kinds of oil-based scrubs, such as sugar scrubs, salt scrubs, and so on. Silica gel gels oil to make it less runny, easy to pack, and no worries about leaking.

Our silica Powder is a white, light, and fluffy powder for inclusion in your exfoliating products and more. Silica gel is widely used in the pharmaceutical and food industry, such as tablets and spices.

Silica Gel (Hydrated Silica) is insoluble in water and has a gentle "scrubbing" property. It can be used to create gentle exfoliating products, such as Creme Cleansers, shower & cleanser gel, etc. It is a highly preferred mechanical exfoliator in these applications. Because its micron size is so tiny and gentle, it is much gentler than other mechanical exfoliators, especially for making lip scrubs.

Silica Gel can also be used in many mineral make-up powders because, Because of its oil absorption ability, it helps you to control the skin's shiny/oily appearance. It is perfect for oily skin.

Silica Gel can be used to plate oils in order to incorporate them into powdered products.

Silica Gel can "gel" the oil to make the oil products less running. It is perfect for anhydrous exfoliating products, such as traditional salt scrubs or sugar scrubs. It prevents the products from seeping and leaking from the package during shipment or storage.

You can also create all sorts of oil gels for body care, like Bath & Body Works.

Due to Silica Gel being an oil absorbent, adding too much to your products can make a product too drying.

-- Scrubs and Body Polish
-- Make-Up
-- Exfoliating Body Wash / Gels (without oils)
Household Surface Cleaners (Abrasives)

5 to 10% - Anhydrous Scrubs
2 to 30% - Exfoliating Body Wash / Gels (with oils)
After Mixing into Oils, allow the Silica Gel to hydrate for 10 to 45 minutes, depending on the batch size

Appearance: White Free Flowing Powder
Odor: Characteristic, Very Low
Solubility: Oil Soluble

*** Silica Gel is a synthetic, hydrated form of Silica. It is different from crystalline or fumed silica. 



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