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Tranexamic Acid Powder

Tranexamic Acid Powder

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INCI: Tranexamic Acid
CAS#: 1197-18-8

Tranexamic Acid (TA) is a newly found skin-brightening ingredient. It effectively corrects skin discoloration, such as black spots or patches. It also lightens the skin.

Tranexamic Acid also has antioxidant and skin-soothing properties. It is super gentle when used at 5% or lower.

Its water-soluble properties and good stability make it an easy ingredient for your formula. You can add this ingredient to a gel or cream base and mix well to create a personalized product that fits your skin best.

You can use TA with niacinamide to create synergetic effects in skin discoloration correction and more robust anti-aging properties to the final product.

Skin Benefits:

Skin hyperpigmentation, antioxidant

INCI: Tranexamic Acid
Appearance: White/off-white
Odor: No odors
Solubility: Soluble in Water
pH: best at 6.0-7.0
Recommended Usage: 3-5%

Applications: Facial serum, toners, emulsions

Return Policy:
We provide a reasonable price for each ingredient sold in our shop for professional formulators and experienced DIYers. All the ingredients sold in our shop are packed in a tightly controlled environment to avoid contamination. So beware, no returns are accepted after purchase to ensure the safety of ingredients sold in our shop.

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